Craftsmen services and emergency services

• Telephone on-call service

• Opening of houses and technical rooms for craftsmen

• Coordination of dealers in an emergency

• Immediate notification to the property manager or owner

Monitoring of technical installations

  • Light control
  • Report defects to property management
  • Replacement / renovation of locks and bolts

Maintenance work

• Paint repairs

• Adjustment or readjustment of locks and bolts

Cleaning services

• Monitoring and control of the property

• Monitoring of the building services

• Monitoring of the order and the perfect overall condition of the well-maintained facility

• Assistance in property management

• Minor repairs

• Inspection and control of technical systems such as heating systems, water stations, electronic installations such as switches, bell systems, lighting, fuses, door loudspeakers

• Replacement of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in house, stair and outdoor lighting

• Replacement of defective sockets and covers

• Maintenance of waste systems and common areas

• Provision of garbage cans for garbage collection according to the calendar

• Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor facilities

• Cleaning of basement corridors and technical rooms

• Emergency service (24/7)

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can advise you free of charge and without obligation. We can adapt to your needs at any time and make you an offer tailored to your individual needs.

Renovation works

• To work off

• Drywall

• Putty work

• Painting work

Renovation work is an additional field that we only offer to our contract and regular customers. Due to our excellent craftsmanship and high demand, we have reserved this area as an additional offer and only for regular customers. It is a strategic decision to be able to guarantee our customers the best quality in the future.


• Cleaning

• Key delivery

• Delivery / Registration

• Coordination

• Room cleaning


• Stair cleaning

• Cleaning office

• Boutique cleaning

• Final cleaning of the building (including fine cleaning)

• Window cleaning

• Cleaning of underground garages

• Cleaning of terraces and sidewalks

• Landfill/dump cleaning

Garden maintenance

• Regular lawn mowing and green waste removal

• Lawn care and mulching

• Removing weeds from streets and parking lots

• Clearing weeds from plantations and clearing flower beds

• Regular trimming of hedges, shrubs and plants

• Remove leaves from garden and paths

• Removal of fall leaves

A well-kept outdoor and garden area is always associated with a positive impression and prosperity and should be considered a calling card for homeowners. In addition, a well-kept garden and outdoor area increase the overall value of your property.

Winter services

• Clearing snow from sidewalks and roads in accordance with legal requirements

• Spread salt, sand or gravel to reduce the risk of accidents caused by ice and packed snow

• Clearing of the house entrances, the access stairs to the house and other areas subject to traffic

• Distribute sandblasting compound to prevent ice and snow from sliding

• Procurement and storage of sand

• Removal of grit after winter